Saturday, February 7, 2009

A tale of two cities

I'm going up to meet with contributing blogger Adam in Hartford, AKA the "heartbeat" tonight. It's not often that I go up to our state's capitol, so I'll be sure to take some good pictures of the pedestrian amenities there. For two cities in the same state that are almost exactly the same size, the street life downtown couldn't be more

Hartford is a government town plain and simple. There's a vibrant dowtown during the working day, but after 5 PM aside from the bars, the place is a ghost town.

New Haven is college town. At one point it was more of a traditional city with a strong industrial base, but that base has mostly left, leaving Yale University as the biggest driver of the local economy. The upside to a college town is that while it may lack the busy and intense street life of a government town, it has more of a 24/7 feel.

In an ideal world, Hartford would attain more of a population beyond daytime workers and New Haven would develop a stronger employment base outside of Yale and both cities would have a bustling and robust street life.

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